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WMU Libraries Student Advisory Group: Home

Information on the development of a Student Advisory Group for the WMU Libraries.

Your opportunity to help us make the library at WMU an even better place!

The University Libraries would like to invite WMU students to become a member of the inaugural Student Library Advisory Group.  Serving on this committee will provide an opportunity to share feedback with Library Administration about current library resources and services and insights on how the library may better support your educational experience at Western Michigan University.  As a participant, you will advocate for the University Libraries and engage other students about how the library may better serve their needs.  Not only will this experience enhance your resume and provide connections for future references, but food will be provided!



What's involved in serving on this group?

Members will be expected to serve at least 1 academic year and must be currently enrolled students at WMU.  We are looking for 7-10 students who will meet 1-2 times per semester to discuss and advise the library on issues, resources and services to enhance the user experience at the University Libraries.

Application Form

To apply for the WMU Libraries Student Advisory Group please fill out the application form. This will only take a few minutes to complete. You will be contacted after we receive your application.

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