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Scanning, Copying, and Printing

Copiers can be found throughout Waldo Library.  Color copies cost 50 cents per page; black and white copies cost 10 cents per page.

You can also use a copy machine in Waldo Library to scan images from books or journal articles.  You can save images on a flash drive as PDF or TIFF files.

Black and white printing is available in Waldo Library.  Color printing is available in the University Computing Center, located across the "bridge" on Waldo Library's second floor.

Library Research

Welcome to the Libraries' Class Guide for THEA 1150: Introduction to Theatre Production.  This guide will help you find information on material culture of specific periods and locations that you will need in order to produce "historically correct" plays.  

Constructing a historically accurate production is HARD!  You are attempting to recreate a microcosm of an entire world.  For assistance in doing your research, please contact me or any other librarian.      

is just a click away!

Miss Julie by August Strindberg

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