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Anthropology: Ethnographies

What are Ethnographies?

"Ethnographies" are the texts, usually written by anthropologists, which describe cultures. 

See "What is Ethnography?" for more information.

How can I find Ethnographies?

Tips from ANSS on using Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) to find Ethnographies.

Library Search

Most (but not all) ethnographies are found in the section of the library with call numbers beginning with GN.  You can limit your search by typing "GN" and selecting "Call Number" in your search.  Type the name of a culture in another box.   

Not all of the results will be ethnographies, but many of them should be.


  • GN = Call Number 
  • Inuit = All Fields


  • GN = Call Number
  • Kenya = All Fields

Library Search

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