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A-Z Databases

This page is an A-Z list of all databases available through WMU Libraries. Search by database name or browse alphabetically.


New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Over 500 hours of video covering core clinical skills and best practices in nursing. Content prepares nursing students for job success and licensure exams.

Trial EndsFebruary 19, 2019

Faculty are encouraged to submit a trial feedback form available here.
38,000 books and 30,000 hours of video with topics ranging from business strategy to information technology. Includes code snippets, certification preparation materials, practice exercises, training videos, and more.

Users can access this resource by creating an account with a WMU email address. You will be asked to enter your email address, then will receive a confirmation email with a link to complete your account registration. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive a confirmation email. Contact with questions.

Click here for more information about this new platform.

Download the new O'Reilly mobile app in iTunes or Google Play

WMU's subscription to Books 24x7 content has migrated to the Skillport platform. This new platform contains all the books and videos available to WMU users on the Books 24x7 platform. Skillport has new features, such as the ability to create a learning plan, set language preferences, and download chapters in Kindle, epub, or pdf format. There is also a free app available in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

WMU is running both Skillport and the Books 24x7 platforms concurrently until March 15, 2019, when the Books 24x7 platform will be turned off. Links will not redirect, so you are encouraged to change any links in content management systems from the Books 24x7 platform to Skillport prior to March 15, 2019.

Please send a message to if you need help creating links to content on the Skillport platform.