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Comparative Religion: Biographical Information

Finding Biographical Information about Religious Leaders

Finding religious leaders of the world can be accomplished by searching either of the Libraries' catalogs by subject, e.g., Jesus Christ; Graham, Billy; John Paul II, Pope (use official designation); Luther, Martin; etc.  One can also search by religious titles or professions as a subject followed by the word biography, e.g., popes biography, clergy biography, saints biography, bishops biography, etc.  

Acta Sanctorum  Contains the complete texts, which were published between 1656 and 1940, of all the lives of the ancient, medieval and modern saints. Serves as an electronic index for 68 volumes of saints' lives. 

Dictionary of Christian Biography BR 1700.2 .D53x 2001

Religious Leaders of America (Detroit, Mich.) BL 2525 .R47 (General Stacks)
Biographical sketches of important US and Canadian religious figures from the Civil War to the present. Over 1,000 entries of people from all religious traditions.

Twentieth-century Dictionary of Christian Biography BR 1700.2 .T9 1995 (General Stacks)

Who's Who in Christianity Encompasses the past 20 centuries and the Eastern and Western churches.