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Citing Sources: Citation Counts

Citation Counts in Articles

Citation Counts in Articles 


Google Scholar 

Citation Counts in Books

Citations Counts in Books or Chapters

Google Books 

  • can be used to find out if you've been cited with a little diligence and work.
  • searches the full-text of a boo even if you don't hve full access. 
  • identifies those books in a results list and highlights where your name appears in the document, whether in footnotes, a bibliography, or parenthetical citation. 
  • Search for variations of your name
    • Smith, K
    • Smithg, KA
    • Smith, Kathleen
    • Kathleen Smith
  • does not have a "cite this" tool a
    • use  WorldCat to get details for book citing you.

Author Level


Proposed by Egghe in 2006 to overcome a bias against highly cited papers inherent in the h-index. The g-index is another author-level citation metric. It measures  the distribution of citations of an author's citations over time. 



Measures the impact of a particular scholar. For example, a scholar with an h-index of 5 had published 5 papers, each of which has been cited by others at least 5 times. The h-index is included in Web of Science and Scopus