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Citing Sources: Linking to Articles from a Database

Linking to articles

Issue 1:

Creating Stable Links to articles from databases or Library Search. 

You cannot copy and past url's from the browser bar. The url's are time/session/proxy sensitive and they will not work. 

You can create stable urls by

1. using the generator on this page. 

2. using a stable url tool standard to many databases and in Library Search.  

Issue 2: 

Access a Stable Url from off campus

If you have created a bookmark to an article or e-book while on-campus and then from off-campus you find that it has been blocked or you received an "Access Denied" error,  use this utility to add a special  authentication prefix to the  URL so you can gain access as if you were still on campus. If you are off campus, you will be asked to enter your Bronco NetID and password. To use this utility JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.

Stable URL generator

1. Copy and paste the non-proxied URL of the article or ebook here:

2. Click this to add the authentication prefix:

3. Copy and use the resulting link: