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English Literature & Literary Criticism: Finding Books

Finding books at WMU

Google Books Search

A note about Google Books. Google Books is a great way to search for books. It is also a great place to scan the full-text of a book.  However, there is one caveat. Each instance you access a book via Google Books gives you access to different randomized content of that book. In other words, if you look at a book on Monday, you may have access to pages 1-5 and 10-15 but not 6-9. If you look at that same book on Tuesday, you may have access to completely different page ranges. 

Finding books in other libraries

E-Book Collections

Electronic Books

HathiTrust Digitized books and more from over 50 major research libraries.

You can search Books + for electronic books. Or, you can search the different collection. Pease refer to the For other e-book platforms, rresearch guide dedicated to E-Books for more information on those collections.