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English Literature & Literary Criticism: Finding Journals, Publishing Information & Informetrics

Identifying Journals, Access, & Publishing Information

1. Finding journals we own

To find journals that we own either in print or electronically, use Library Search and do a simple search of either the journal title or journal subject area and select "journal" as format. 

2. Finding Journals indexed in  MLA

The MLA Directory of Periodicals  found in MLA IB Database is also another great place to look for information regarding periodicals.

The MLA Directory of Periodicals contains all information available on the journals and series on the bibliography's Master List of Periodicals which includes publishing information about each periodical. 

You can search by journal title or by subject heading. Click on the list of subject headings to get the full list available. 

3. Identifying Journals Beyond WMU and MLA

UlrichsWeb Gobal Serials Directory is another database that is helpful in identifying journals for a particular topic or by title. You can do an advanced search and use the subject headings found on the left margin. You can then take the ISBN of the journal and do a search in the University Libraries' journal finder to see if we have online access. 




Find Citation Counts of Articles

Interdisciplinary Index of scholarly literature with coverage starting from 1995.
Scopus covers primarily  journals and patents.  They are in the process of expanding there monograph collection. The do not index reference works, dissertations, or theses. Please read the Elsevier Content Overview for Scopus.
Web of Science is a interdisciplinary index and only cites works included in their databases. Please see the Web of Science Master Journal List

Note: Web of Science does not include: books, book Chapters, dissertations or theses, patents or technical reports.

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