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English Literature & Literary Criticism: Guides to the Field & Reference Materials

MLA Literary Research Guide

The MLA Literary Research Guide, 5th edition, is an annotated guide to reference sources essential to the study of American and British literature, other literatures in English, and related topics. The Guide contains over 1,000 entries, which refer to nearly 1,600 additional books, articles, and electronic resources and cites over 700 reviews.

Guides to the Field

A bibliographic guide recommends research and reference materials and may also suggest ways of doing research in a discipline. This web page itself is a brief bibliographic guide, but here are three much more extensive guides in book form.


Why use a print bibliography?

Bibliographies are useful for finding the most important publications on a given topic. They range from the general to the specific. You can find the bibliographies mostly in the reference collection. For literature your call number ranges are:

Z 1215 - 1363 – United States

Z 1365 – 1401 – Canada, British,  North America

Z  2000-2959 – Europe

The MLA Directory of Periodicals is also another great place to look for information regarding periodicals.

The MLA Directory of Periodicals contains all information available on the journals and series on the bibliography's Master List of Periodicals.