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Getting articles in full text: Accessing Articles in Full Text or in Print

Explains the options for getting to the full text of the article you want once you have located the citation.

Accessing Articles in Full Text or Print

Accessing Articles

Once you have identified an article in a library database, it may be possible to access it electronically or in print. 

Step 1. Accessing Full Text

Look for a full text link somewhere near the citation you have located Each database displays it a bit differently, but here are some of the most common forms that you may see:

Use the PDF file (indicated with the Adobe Acrobat symbol) when possible. A .PDF is an actual scan of the journal article and  will recreate the pages as they were in the original publication including images and page numbers.  Using a .PDF file is also much easier to cite. 

Step 2. Find it @ WMU

If there is no full text link in the database you are using, look for the .  Many articles and journals are available through multiple databases and there is a chance that it can be found in full text in another database. 

Usually the  is right in the search results, but sometimes such as in the ProQuest databases, you have to click on the title of the article and then look for the button.

The    button will tell you if we have this full text online, or in a print version, or if you will have to request it from interlibrary loan. Here is what the page might look like:


Links to electronic access appear under:

Find Full-Text Online. 

You will see a list of one ore several databases that proved access to the article you want. 


If available in the Libraries' PRINT collection, the location and call number will appear under:

Search the Library Catalog. 

If location and call number do not appear, we probably don’t have it in print.



Step 4. Get it Elsewhere

If we don’t have full text online or in print you can more than likely get it from another library by requesting it through our Interlibrary Loan service. ILL is usually a free service but may take a few days to acquire the materials. 


Setting Up Google Scholar Video Tutorial

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Getting full text through Google Scholar

If you locate an article through Google Scholar you may be able to obtain the full text through the WMU Libraries journal subscriptions. The video tutorial at the bottom of this page takes you through the steps to navigate to full text when the Libraries have access to it.

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