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Use subject encyclopedias, such as the ones listed below, to help you get the "big picture" on your topic--and to help place it in context.

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Welcome to the WMU Libraries' Class Guide for HIST 4006, Race and Ethnicity in American Sport History.  This guide includes information resources to help you find books, journal articles, primary documents, and how to cite your sources in your annotated bibliography.

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For assistance in doing your research, please contact me or any other librarian.      Ask Us! is just a click away!

Tennis Trailblazer

Althea Gibson was a champion tennis competitor, and the first African American woman to be on the world tour, and the first to win the Grand Slam title, which she did in 1956.  She was called the "Jackie Robinson of tennis" for helping to break the color barrier in this sport.

(Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons; by New York World-Telegram and the Sun staff photographer Fred Palumbo, 1956)

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