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Mendeley @ WMU: Cite & Write

This guide provides instruction and resources for using the Mendeley bibliographic citation management software to keep track of your citations, create bibliographies and collaborate with other researchers.

Install MS Word Plugin

To install the MS Word plug in:

Mendeley microsoft word plugin installation image

When installed the plugin will appear as below on Microsoft Windows:

How mendeley plugin appears in Microsoft word image

Generating Citations with MS Word

Note: There is a slight difference with MS Word on Mac as the Cite-O-Matic will appear as its own toolbar.

Learn more about Cite-O-Matic

Choose a Citation Style

Click View → Citation Styles → More Styles to search for citation styles on Mendeley Desktop. Image of how to choose citation style in Mendeley

Advanced: The Citation Style Editor

Start editing your own citation styles with the open source Citation Style EditorTo get started we recommend this tutorial.