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1. I'm a student or employee who wants to access my free subscription to The New York Times...


Get your free subscription to The New York Times Online!

1. Register for your account using the link above with your email address to get access to your free subscription. 
2. Go back to the NY Times website and log in with your new credentials. 
3. Add the NY Times mobile app for easy access on your phone and tablet. 
4. Follow the NY Times on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get content added to your feed.

More info about the subscription is available in the Library news.

2. I want to find curriculum resources for The New York Times...

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As part of our access to the The New York Times Online you can also set up an account with The New York Times inEducation to access lesson plans by subject centered around NY Times articles updated weekly by faculty contributors. 

Look Into the Past

CC Attribution-ShareAlike by Nomad Tales

Look into the past and search The New York Times back to 1851.