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World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics: Find Books

Google Books Search

Caveat: Google Books is a great way to search for books. It is also a great place to scan the full-text of a book.  But, each time you access a book via Google Book, you are given access to randomized content.

For example, if you look at a book on Monday, you may have access to pages 1-5 and 10-15 but not 6-9. If you look at that same book on Tuesday, you may have access to completely different pages. 

Finding Books at WMU

Library Search is a comprehensive tool to identify all types of items in our collection. It is indispensable for locating books at WMU. 

You can use the advanced search features to limit by language, date, or topic, among others. 

To learn more, refer to the Library Search Help Page. 


Finding books in other libraries

Use the following search tools to find books outside of the WMU collection. There are links to interlibrary loan in the database, making ILL that much easier!