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World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics: Japanese

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National Diet Library Online Catalog

Catalog of Japan's national library provides links to searching Japanese books and periodicals. Periodical coverage from before 1969 to 2005.

Japanese Juvenile Print Collection 

University of Pennsylvania has finished digitization (first stage) of our Japanese Juvenile Fiction Collection, dating from the late Meiji (1868-1912) and Taisho (1912-1926) periods, and are small, mass-market paperbacks never intended for long-term use preservation. The novels are in the public domain and available in full color and high resolution, although not OCRed for various reasons



Association of Teachers of Japanese

The Association of Teachers of Japanese is an international, non-profit, non-political organization of individuals and institutions seeking to promote the study of Japanese language, linguistics, literature, culture, and pedagogy, primarily at the college or university level. The Association fosters professional development and the exchange of research, and seeks to coordinate its activities with related organizations to promote Japanese studies.

Japanese Teachers Assn. of Michigan

Founded by a small group of Michigan Japanese teachers in 1995 funded by the Japanese Language Education Mini Grant, Japan Foundation, Los Angeles, the Japanese Teacher's Association of Michigan (JTAM) has now grown to include over 50 members. JTAM serves Michigan teachers of Japanese at the Pre-K-16 levels. From its inception to today, our goal has always been the same: to promote Japanese language and culture education and to support Japanese language educators in Michigan.

Encylcopedias and dictionaries

A dictionary of Japanese idioms

PL645 .D4 2005

Basic Japanese-English dictionary

PL679 .B37 2004 (Ref.)

Dictionary of the modern politics of Japan

Q1605 .S86 2003 (Ref.)

Historical dictionary of Japanese traditional theatre

PN2921 .L45 2006 (Ref.

Companion Encyclopedia of Asian philosophy

B 121 .C66 1997 (Ref)

Encyclopedia of Japanese business and management

HF1001 .E467 2002

Japan encyclopedia

DS821 .F73 2002 (Ref.)

The anime encyclopedia : a guide to Japanese animation since 1917

NC1766.J3 C53 2006 (Ref.)


Ask Asia

"Established by the Asia Society (est. 1956), the America's premier Asian cultural and educational institution. The Society's mission is to foster understanding and communication between Americans and the peoples of Asia and the Pacific. The AskAsia web site is an online 'clearinghouse', specifically for elementary, middle and high-school level materials pertaining to Asian Studies."

National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japan Studies

Includes links to gateways containing sites with information about all aspects of Japan and its culture.

Portal to Asian Internet Resources (PAIR)

Select anywhere on the map to begin an Atlas Search by country. 
Committed to directing users to Asian area content in the humanities and social sciences, the Portal to Asian Internet Resources (PAIR) is supported by an impressive complement of area studies scholars, bibliographers and subject selectors based at the libraries of the University of Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota and the Ohio State University.

Full-text Electronic Databases of Pre-modern Japanese Literature

This project seeks to introduce significant electronic full-text databases for pre-modern Japanese literature. There are numerous on-line sites reproducing classical works today, but databases that are useful for researchers in Japanese studies are rare. Since e-texts cannot substitute for annotated scholarly print editions, their major utility is the capacity to search the texts for specific words and word combinations.  For those with full Japanese language capability on their computers, of course, you can simply download the texts and then use the search functions in your word-processing programs.

Reference Books

Classical Japanese reader and essential dictionary

PL537 .S555 2007

Columbia chronologies of Asian history and culture

DS33 .C63 2000 (Ref.)

Japanese mythology A to Z

BL2202 .R63 2004 (Ref.)

Modern Japanese writers

PL723 .M563 2001 (Ref.)

The otaku encyclopedia : an insider’s guide to the subculture of cool Japan 

HM646.G35 2009 (Ref)

Manga: The complete guide

PN6790.J3T56 2007 (Ref)

Historical dictionary of Japanese traditional theatre

PN2921.L45 2006


Guides to the field are resources that point you in the direction of in-depth research.

Bibliography of Reference Works for Japanese Studies

Z 3306 .B48 (Ref.)

Japan (World Bibliographical Series)

Z 3301 .S475 1989
by Frank J. Shulman