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Searching Beyond WMU, Interlibrary Loan and More

Why search beyond WMU Libraries

Why Search Beyond WMU Libraries?

It's simple. We have access to a lot but we don't have access to everything. 

  • Broaden your research
  • Your research will be more thorough
  • Tap into collections and materials not discovered through our databases or Library Search 
  • Sometimes a search strategy works better in a different platform. We may have it but it isn't showing up with your search strategies
  • Access to materials when you graduate or are no longer affiliated with an institution that provides access to databases


How to search beyond WMU Libraries

The process of finding and accessing information beyond WMU Libraries
  • Relies heavily on Interlibrary loan 
  • Open access versions of the document
The steps you will take
  1. Start with Library Search and search "Beyond My Library"
  2. Search various resources such as
    1. WorldCat
    2. MelCat
    3. Google Scholar 
    4. Open Access Repositories such as PubMed, ERIC, or DOAJ
  3. Still can't find a full text version?
    1. Request it through Interlibrary Loan. The Libraries cannot guarantee that we will be able to get everything you need, but we will do our very best.
  4. Ask a subject librarian