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Engaging students


Engaging students with the University Libraries Spring 2021

This guide is an overview of services offered by the Instruction and Outreach Department and includes information about 

  • Liaison librarians services
  • Library research instruction
    • workshops
    • live class instruction 
  • Live research support
    • on-demand help via chat/video sessions with librarians
    • individual and group research appointments and consultations 
  • Asynchronous tutorials and research guides
  • Examples of language to include on your syllabus or assignment sheets

Overview of liaison services

Liaison Librarians


Library research instruction

We offer multiples ways of delivering library research instruction. 

All I&O librarians are remote for the spring semester.

  • Scheduled live workshops via Webex

Students can sign up and attend any of the many workshops offered virtually via Webex this semester. 

Workshops cover topics such as  APA, MLA, Chicago, Google Scholar, Mendeley, etc...

  • Scheduled live instruction with your class via Webex or Zoom

Library instruction can be tailored to a specific research assignment. Contact your liaison librarian to plan and schedule a class. 

  • Embedded librarianship in Elearning

It is possible for faculty and instructors to embed librarians into their online learning classes. We can be added to the class using the unique designation of "librarian." giving us permission to add content to e-learning without seeing student grades. We have many learning objects ready and primed for an online learning environment, including videos, screen capture, infographics, and student learning assessments.

Contact your liaison librarian to see what they can do for you classes in Elearning or vie video conferencing. With a librarian status we can provide asynchronous support to your students. 

Asynchronous tutorials and guides

Asynchronous tutorials and guides

There are multiple on-demand asynchronous tutorials and research guides available to students 24/7. 
  • Research and class guides 

 Research and class guides are curated lists of best research resources available through the Libraries. Instruction and Outreach Librarians have created many for various programs and classes. A complete list of guides is available at this link. If you would like a research guide created for your class, please contact your liaison librarian

Students can also take get research help from the many research and class guides available 24/7 . This links are embedded in your elearning course shells. 

  • Tutorials

  • Researchpath is being update but is still available for the spring semester. The older instance is still  available in Elearning. Student can self-register. 

Live research support

Students can connect with a live librarian for research support. 

  • On-demand chat and video conferencing help 

The chat box pops up in most databases and Library Search as well. 

  • Individual and group appointments

Students can make appointments with a librarian to work on research assignments. Appointments can be as short or as long as they need. They can easily schedule a time by using the online calendar:

These links are also embedded in e-learning. You can also include them in your course  syllabus or assignment sheet along with the contact information of your liaison librarian. 

Examples of language

Sample language to give to students

You can use this language to give to students so they can easily connect with a librarian.You can add this to your syllabus or assignment sheet.

Get Immediate help:

If you need help with research, you can connect with a librarian via text or video chat here: : M- Th 9-6. Fri: 9-3

Schedule an appointment

You can contact the [dept. name] librarian [librarian name] and schedule an appointment with them here [librarian calendar link]

You can contact the English department librarian Kate Langan and schedule an appointment with her here

 Link to librarians by department and contact info: