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ENVS 3400 / PSCI 3060 Environmental Policy

This guide helps students doing research for the Policy Memo and Policy Recommendation assignment in ENVS 3400 / PSCI 3060 Environmental Policy.

Where to search for primary law

What is primary law?

Primary law is the actual text of the law (i.e., policy). Once you choose a policy to write about, you should try to read the policy itself, not just what other people have to say about it.

How do I find the text of my policy?

Where you look depends on the jurisdiction of your policy (where your policy applies). Choose from one of the jurisdictions below for resources:

U.S. Federal

Applying to the entire United States


Applying to a particular state (e.g., Michigan)


Applying to a single country outside the U.S.


Applying to multiple countries in agreement with each other (e.g., United Nations, European Union).

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