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ENVS 3400 / PSCI 3060 Environmental Policy

This guide helps students doing research for the Policy Memo and Policy Recommendation assignment in ENVS 3400 / PSCI 3060 Environmental Policy.

Search building tips

Here are a few tips for combining your keywords into powerful searches:

Put quotation marks around a phrase

"Kyoto Protocol"

Without the quotation marks you could get an article that mentions protocol but not the Kyoto Protocol specifically.

Use an asterisk * after the word stem


This returns articles that include the words: sustainab-le, sustainab-ly, sustainab-ility, etc.

Combine similar terms with OR

"global warming" OR "climate change"

Look for a + sign button to add more topics to your search

Screen capture from GreenFile database

Also look for the advanced search feature. If you want both topics included in your search, make sure select the AND operator to connect them.

Use parentheses and AND to combine topics in a single search bar

("global warming" OR "climate change") AND "Kyoto Protocol"

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