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Classic Literature and Languages

MLA Official Resources

This tab is dedicated to resources from both the library and the official Modern Language Association (MLA) of America's website to aid students in citing in-text sources, creating a bibliography/works cited page, and answer various citation questions. 

Print books - Official MLA Handbooks

Official MLA Style Guides

MLA Style Center - Get tips and tricks right from the source.
Works Cited: A Quick Guide - From the MLA Style Guide. A practice template is also provided.
Citations by FormatIf you are confident citing a book source but aren't sure how to cite a movie, website, etc, check out this page on the MLA Style Guide. 

How Do I Cite...?

Click on the question you have and the link should guide you to the answer on MLA's website.

For more information, check out MLA's FAQ Page. 

How do I cite...?

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