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JRN 3200: News Reporting and Writing: Books

Finding Books

Use "Library Search" on our home page to look for books in the Libraries' collections.

Search tip:  If you search for a phrase, put it in quotation marks, e.g., "voter turnout".

Search tip:  Use an asterisk (*) to pick up variant endings of a word, e.g., polit* will retrieve politics, political, politician, etc.


Explore Beyond WMU's Borders

Use MelCat and WorldCat to identify pertinent resources "out there" in other libraries outside of WMU. 

You can request books and videos from libraries in the state of Michigan directly through MelCat.

You can request books in libraries across the country and beyond by submitting an Interlibrary Loan request in the WorldCat database.

You may borrow items through these systems typically at no cost to you.

Meet Your Librarian

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Kate Langan
1052 Waldo Library