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      Photo : Giuseppe Primoli, of Annie Oakley 1890 .   


In Waldo Library

  • in the women's restroom on the first and second floor
  • in the all gender bathroom on the second floor. 

In Zhang Legacy Collection in the women's bathroom    

Period products on campus 

On Campus
Distance from Waldo 

Bistro BTL in Battle Creek Aviation Center

Bookmark Cafe in Waldo Library

Cafe 1903 Market (VDC)

Flossie's Cafe in Sangren Hall

Our Space Trimpe Hall, 1320 

Parkview Cafe 

Sindecuse Pharmacy

WMU Bookstore, Bernhard Center 

M-TH 10-2

Closed for the Summer 

Closed for the Summer 

M-F 11 - 2 

M-F 8:30-5:00

M-F 8 - 2:30 .

M/T/W/F: 8 - 5, Th: 9 - 5  

M-F  9  -5 

25 miles

.2 miles

.2 miles 

.6 miles



.4 miles

.3 miles

Off Campus

CVS Pharmacy


24 hours 


.6 miles

Need longer term solutions?

Please contact the Invisible Needs Pantry

About Broncos Period

We are group of WMU Libraries employees who are concerned about the lack of access to  period supplies in the Libraries System. 

In spring 2019, University Facilities removed all tampon and pad machines from the restrooms in Waldo Library leaving very few safe options for students to access period supplies late at night and after campus stores close.

A group of individuals are stock the restrooms as they can to ensure access to period supplies  in a safe and equitable way.