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Communication Research Guide

Library Search at a Glance

WMU’s Search and Discovery system (our "Online Catalog") is called Library Search.

You can use Library Search to:

  • Search for books, videos, music, and articles.
  • Limit search results to peer-reviewed publications only.
  • Browse books on the shelf using the “Virtual browse” feature.
  • Set up “alerts” for search terms, authors, publishers, etc. This will automatically send you e-mail notification once something new goes into the database that matches your criteria.
  • Save and export search results.

What am I searching?

When you search Library Search, you are searching most of the books, journals, journal articles and other scholarly materials that we have either in our physical collections OR that we own or subscribe to electronically. You can search materials that we don't own or subscribe to using the "Expand Beyond My Library" box in the Library Search results. So Library Search does NOT search EVERYTHING. However, it does search a large interdisciplinary selection of materials, as shown in the diagram below. It was designed to meet the needs of undergraduate users who have not yet been exposed to discipline-specific databases (PsycINFO, PubMed) and interdisciplinary researchers whose research does not fall into neat, tidy disciplinary categories.

Coverage of sources in Library Search

* Some materials are not discoverable through Library Search. For an idea of what is NOT covered, please see the "Library Search Collections" page above.

Video: How to use Library Search

Finding Books in Other Libraries

Use MelCat and WorldCat to identify books at other libraries 

  • You can request books and videos from libraries in the state of Michigan directly through MelCat.
  • You can request books in libraries across the country and beyond by submitting an Interlibrary Loan request in the WorldCat database.
  • You may borrow items through these systems typically at no cost to you.