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Using Mendeley

This guide provides instruction and resources for using the Mendeley bibliographic citation management software to keep track of your citations, create bibliographies and collaborate with other researchers.

NEW - Mendeley Reference Manager Available

Mendeley has recently pushed out a new version of Mendeley Desktop called Mendeley Reference Manager. This is a new platform, not an update of Mendeley Desktop. Read about it and download it here:

You can read an interview with Laura Thomson, Head of Reference Management at Mendeley, about some of the reasons for the development of the new software.

WMU will not be promoting the new Mendeley software yet, until our librarians have had a chance to test-drive it and see how well it works.

Welcome to Mendeley Desktop

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Mendeley Desktop is a FREE reference manager, academic collaboration network and crowdsourced database. Go here to sign up for Mendeley.

The WMU Libraries has a homegrown guide to using Mendeley.

Get Started with Mendeley