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Using Mendeley

This guide provides instruction and resources for using the Mendeley bibliographic citation management software to keep track of your citations, create bibliographies and collaborate with other researchers.

Organize your PDFs

You can use Mendeley to store article PDFs as well as bibliographic references. Before you add any PDFs to Mendeley, do the following so that it does not lose track of your uploaded PDF files.

1)    Click “Preferences” (Mac) or “Tools” (PC) menu.
                                         Mac                                                                                         Windows Machines

Mendeley Preferences Menu                   Mendeley Options Windows Machines

2)    Select “File Organizer.” Put a check in the box next to “Organize my files.” Click “OK.”

Mendeley file organizer

3)    Mendeley will then keep its own copy of your uploaded PDFs in a folder on your computer.

Mendeley PDF icon

4)    If you don't do this, then you will see the following icon next to the citations with PDFs.

PDF lost icon

Syncing PDFs to Mendeley Web

You can sync your PDFs (or other files) to Mendeley Web so that you can access them on any device. The free version of Mendeley gives you 2 GB of storage.

Mendeley Edit Settings

Click to sync PDFs

You can pay for additional storage (currently $4.99/month for 5 GB, $9.99/month for 10 GB, and $14.99/month for unlimited personal library space.