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Using Mendeley

This guide provides instruction and resources for using the Mendeley bibliographic citation management software to keep track of your citations, create bibliographies and collaborate with other researchers.

Take notes on what you read

Use the notes field to add quotes, questions, things you are thinking about, and other related information about the article. It will be saved with the article reference.

Click on "Notes" to add annotations.


Adding annotations to citations

Annotate and highlight in PDFs

You can open and read any PDFs in Mendeley. Clicking and dragging on any text section in a PDF will bring up the annotation bar:

Click and drag to see annotation menu options

You can add annotations or highlight sections.

Highlight or annotate

Your annotations will show up as bubbles in the PDF. They will also appear as their own section in the "Notes" area of Mendeley.

Annotations show up as bubbles in PDF