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ScholarWorks at WMU: SelectedWorks

This is a guide to help people understand and use WMU's scholarly repository.

What are SelectedWorks?

SelectedWorks Author Gallery contains individual pages for WMU faculty, staff and graduate students. This provides a place to enter an online curriculum vita with publications, presentations, awards, areas of specialty, etc. If there is full text available, that will be linked, otherwise there is just a citation.

Each individual will get a monthly report on what items on their page have been looked at, and if there is an actual document, how many time it has been downloaded.

These pages will be set up with a WMU branding, but if the individual moves to another institution, they can take their page with them.

How to create a SelectedWorks page

To create a new SelectedWorks page

  1. Go to SelectedWorks –
  2. Click Start a SelectedWorks site
  3. Login, if you have an account, create an account if you do not
    1. When creating your own password, we suggest not using the BroncoNet password
  4. Create a new site or look for START A SITE
  5. Choose a URL -
    1. suggest using the default: firstname_lastname with middle initial optional
    2. if there is someone in the system with that name they will add a number
    3. all will start with
    4. have to use an underscores, not dashes
  6. Institution – Western Michigan University, but if you move to another institution, you will be able to take this page with you
  7. Pick your academic field(s) - there is an extensive list of fields under the headings presented.
  8. Check the box agreeing to the SelectedWorks Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

How to edit a SelectedWorks page

To edit a new SelectedWorks page

  1. Go to SelectedWorks –
  2. Click My Account at the top of the page
  3. Login
  4. Click Edit My Site
  5. Then click black buttons to edit different sections of your site – starting with the right column
    1. Edit My Photo – please use a 3:4 ratio on your photo, so it displays properly in the gallery
    2. Edit About Me – official place to upload your CV
    3. Edit Links – we will recommend some standard links, like to WMU, your department and any other websites you maintain
  6. Edit main part of your site
    1. Edit My Intro Paragraph – your title, role in the library, fields of expertise, research interests, etc.
    2. Categorize My Writings – You have to tell it to do this every time you put up new materials, they are not categorized automatically
    3. Collect bepress Content – hit this and it will pull in everything that has been uploaded into ScholarWorks at WMU and in case there is any in other repositories, that you have authored
    4. Upload Content
      1. Fill in the description of your item and attach a document, if available and you have the right to put it up

Reference & ScholarWorks Librarian