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Citing Sources

Commonly Used Citation Styles

If you are not sure which style guide to use, ask your professor.


Links to Quick guide, Purdue OWL, and video tutorials.


Links to online access, Purdue OWL, and video tutorials. 


Links to Quick guide,  Purdue OWL, and video tutorials

More Citation Resources

Citation Management Software and Citation Generators
Need help kick starting your bibliography? Consult these citation generators. NOTE: Always manually check your citations before turning in your paper.

  • RefWorks is a citation management software allows you to import citations directly from electronic indexes and create and manage your own bibliographies. Use with word processing software to cite and format references easily in a variety of writing styles. You will have to set up an individualized account the first time you use RefWorks. An excellent tutorial is available in RefWorks under Help
  • Did you know? Most databases and catalogs have citation tools built in?  It may be called different things in different databases. Caveat: double check the formatting, there may be errors.

       Citation Styles by Discipline

There are many other citation styles. Find the manual for the one you need on this list. If you are not sure of which style to use, check with your professor.

Understanding Copyright and Legal Use of Information
Copyright basics and guidelines for WMU course reserves.

Understanding DOIs
DOI (digital object identifier) is a unique number associated with a particular article. Many style guides now require them in a citation.

Understanding Parts of a Citation

Citation styles essentially require the same information of a source, the trick is knowing where to find them or how to read them.

Understanding Plagiarism
Tips on how to avoid plagiarism, write ethically well. Includes video tutorials and supplemental materials. 

Understanding Stable URLs

Not all URLs are equal. Use this utility to create stble URLs for article sand e-books. 

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography