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Citing Sources Guide


Different disciplines use different citation styles for various reasons. Be sure to consult with your professor before you choose a specific style to work with.

APA style manual

How to format in APA style

Use the links below to find info on how to format references, in-text citations, or other parts of a paper in APA style.

Official APA style guidelines - Online

Use the links below for info on how to format in APA style. All of the links below take you to webpages on the APA Style website, a guide to APA formatting produced by the American Psychological Association.

Official APA style guides - Print books

These are the official APA style manuals produced by the American Psychological Association (APA). They are comprehensive. They are only available in print, and you can find copies for use in WMU Libraries.

How Do I...?

Have a specific question about citing sources using APA style? Click on a question below and to link to the APA Style webpage that has the answer.

The basics: How do I cite a source using APA style?

What should I include in my citation? 

How do I cite a specific type of publication?

When do I cite? 

Citation and writing style


Do you have more questions about APA style? Contact us at the Libraries. We're here to help.