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Library Search: FAQs

How you can use the new Library Search tool to find books, articles, videos, and more.

You may be wondering...

How can I change the number of records that display per screen?

  • When you are searching, look in the top-right corner for the link to "My Account." Click this link to get to your personal settings page. On this page, go to the "Display Settings" section (in lower-right) and change the number in the drop down box under "Number of results per page." 
  • The maximum is 50. Then click save. This will keep your settings ONLY until you close your brower. If you want to permanently change this setting, you need to "Sign in" to Library Search (again, using the "Sign in" link in the upper right hand corner of the Library Search page), make and save the changes under "My Account" and login whenever you use Library Search. When you are logged in you do have some other options such as saving things to your e-Shelf and saving queries. 

How can I get something that the Library does not have access to (book, article)?

How can I save an item to my "e-Shelf"

  • Click on the little star next to each item. The star will turn yellow (see below), and that item will be added to your e-Shelf. To remove something from the e-Shelf, just unselect it.

How can I tell if an article in Library Search comes from a peer-reviewed journal?

  • In many cases, the citation to the article may include the phrase "Peer Reviewed Journal" next to the reference (especially if you clicked "Peer-reviewed journals" in the Show Only section).
  • If you are not sure, you can look the journal up in our Ulrichsweb database, OR Google the name of the journal to find the publisher's webpage for the journal.

How do I find out if the Library has a particular journal or magazine?

  • You can either use our Journals A-Z list to look up a title [shows electronic subscriptions ONLY], OR
  • Use Library Search to search the title of the journal or magazine, and then limit to "Journals" as a "Resource Type" - this will display both print and electronic subscriptions.

How can I see when a checked out book is due back (date due)?

  • Click on the "Availability in the Library" link under the bibliographic information. The date due will be displayed to the far right. Availability in the library
  • Mobile users - click the   icon to open the "Get it" display in a new browser window. This will then enable you to see the date due information.

I clicked on the full text of an article, but it took me to the home page of the journal/publisher. Why?

  • Library Search allows you to get as close as it can to the full text of an article but in some cases, due to the way publishers provide access, you might need to follow further links through Find it@WMU to access the article. In some cases you might be required to search the article title again within the publisher or journal page. This is particularly true for open access (free-online) journal articles. (Answer courtesy of Stephanie Mathson, Central Michigan University Library.)

What does the item status "Technical" mean?

  • Any book or video with the status "Technical" is either at the bindery OR is missing in our system. If you wish to obtain such an item, submit an Interlibrary Loan request and we will obtain that item for you from another library.

What happened to Books+ and the Classic Catalog (a.k.a. WestCat)? I need them to search for a book.

  • Both Books+ and the Classic Catalog have been replaced by Library Search (as of May 18, 2015). Please use Library Search to search for books and journals within the University Libraries.

What sources are included in Library Search?

Why am I not able to renew my books in My Account?

  • The Library Search system allows faculty/staff/instructors to keep items out for 365 total days before requiring them to bring the items back in. For students, this limit is 84 days (three 28 day loan periods). This count of days begins from when you originally checked the item out (which may have been before we switched over to the new Library Search system). Once you've had items out for your maximum period of time, you will not be able to renew them online. Any items that may not be renewed will have a status in your library account of "Not renewable" (see image below). If you are having trouble renewing your items please call Waldo Library at 269-387-5156