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Psychology: Finding Books

This is a guide to library resources in the field of psychology.

Finding Books in Other Libraries

Google Book Search

You can search for and often view whole pages in books via Google Book search. Once you identify what books would be most useful, check Library Search to see if we have the book you are interested in.

Find Books at WMU

Find books on your topic in the University Libraries

To learn how to use this search tool, watch this video

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Browsing the Shelves

Here are the main call number areas of Waldo and the Education Library for books related to psychology.

BF 1-940 Psychology
For ethnic psychology, see GN
For social psychology, see HM
BF 173-175 Psychoanalysis
BF 180-210 Experimental psychology
BF 231-299 Sensation. Aesthesiology
BF 309-499 Cognition. Perception. Intuition
BF 501-504.3 Motivation
BF 511-593 Emotion
BF 608-635 Will. Choice
BF 636-637 Applied psychology
BF 660-685 Comparative psychology
BF 698-698.9 Personality
BF 699-711 Genetic psychology-- Including psychology of mental development or evolution in the individual or in the race
BF 712-725.85 Developmental psychology
BF 721-223 Child psychology
BF 795-839.5 Temperament. Character
BF 840-861 Physiognomy
BF 866-885 Graphology
BF 889-905 The hand. Palmistry
BF 1001-1389 Parapsychology-- Including hallucinations, sleep, dreams, hypnotism, telepathy, spiritualism, mediumship, clairvoyance, telekinesis
BF 1404-1999 Occult sciences-- Including ghosts, demonology, witchcraft, astrology, oracles, fortune-telling. (Religion and religions are found under BL, BM, BP, BQ, BR, BS, BT, BV, and BX, and also have close ties to Psychology)


Finding Dissertations and Theses