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BIOS 1120 Principles of Biology


Tutorial (opens in another tab)

There is a short tutorial that goes along with this guide. You should complete this tutorial before attending class on Wednesday, November 15. Your grade will be reported to your instructor.

Feel free to work on the tutorial while you read through this guide. It should take about 30 minutes to complete.

If you get stuck on one of the questions, or have any questions about what you read here, email me! I am happy to help you understand these concepts or troubleshoot any issues with databases. I will respond within one business day.

About this guide


This guide is intended to accompany a guest lecture in BIOS 1120: Principles of Biology on Wednesday, November 15, and to give you the resources you need for your final homework assignment. The learning objectives for this lecture and guide are:

  1. Be able to evaluate the credibility of online health information sources
  2. Be able to find background information and scholarly articles about a human disease using PubMed and other online resources
  3. Have a strategy for reading scientific papers

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