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COM 1040: Public Speaking

Research Honeycomb Model

honeycomb with 6 hexagons around one that is labled topic

Research Honeycomb

Information comes in many different forms. What are some categories or types of voices where you can find information?

Model of a honeycomb

Research Honeycomb Model

In academic research, we tend to only emphasize academic voices while there are many other voices in different formats that can be used in a scholarly context.

Research Honeycomb with LGBTQ+ topics

Example Research Honeycomb

Here is an example of a Research Honeycomb for LGBTQIA2S+ topics.

Parts of the Research Honeycomb

Topic: What is being researched.

Academic Voices: What we typically think of in academic research. Books, journal articles, conference presentations, etc.

News Media: International, national, local, regional, or topic-based news sources.

Community Voices: The voices of those who are being researched. Social media, blogs, YouTube, etc.

Association and Organization Reports: Information created by non-government organizations.

Government Reports: Information created by government organizations/agencies.

Stakeholders and Allies: Information by those who are not directly related to your topic but may be indirectly related socially, financially, regionally, etc.