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HIST 3260/ANTH 3450: Native American History and Culture

Library Search for Books

Use the Libraries' ADVANCED SEARCH to find books on your paper topic.  You can find both primary documents and secondary sources through Library Search.  Just follow the suggestions in the search tips.

When looking for books by topic, enter your keyword(s) into the search boxes. Break up your topic using different keywords, putting them on separate lines.

SEARCH TIP:  If you are using a phrase in your search, be sure and put it in quotation marks, e.g., "native americans"

SEARCH TIP:     Use the asterisk  *  as a wild card to pick up variant endings of words, e.g., ethnograph* will pick up ethnography, ethnographic, ethnographical, ethnographies, etc.

SEARCH TIP:  To find primary documents, use one of the boxes in the Advanced Search to include keywords such as: sources OR letters OR diaries OR "personal narratives" OR "oral history" OR interviews OR speeches.

Primary Source

Atlas of North American Indian Tribes

Explore the World of Information Beyond WMU

Use MelCat and WorldCat to identify pertinent resources "out there" that are not owned by the WMU Libraries.  You can request items directly through MelCat and through Interlibrary Loan from WorldCat. We will borrow the book(s) from another library and the service is FREE to you.

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