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JRN 1000 Foundations of Journalism

Research Honeycomb Model

honeycomb with 6 hexagons around one that is labled topic

Research Honeycomb

Information comes in many different forms. What are some categories or types of voices where you can find information?

Model of a honeycomb

Research Honeycomb Model

In academic research, we tend to only emphasize academic voices while there are many other voices in different formats that can be used in a scholarly context.

Research Honeycomb with LGBTQ+ topics

Example Research Honeycomb

Here is an example of a Research Honeycomb for LGBTQIA2S+ topics.

Research Honeycomb

The Research Honeycomb is a research source model to bring awareness to research sources outside of typical academic books, journal articles, conference presentations, etc. It can be used for:

  • Finding sources on topics that are too recent to have academic sources about it
  • Including voices from communities and their ways of knowing which have been historically excluded from academic sources
  • Creating a comprehensive bibliography from a variety of sources

Created by Jackie Stapleton, Liaison Librarian, University of Waterloo; Adapted by Aneta Kwak, Mikayla Redden, Jeff Newman, Liaison Librarians, University of Toronto; Modified by Dylan McGlothlin, Humanities Librarian, Western Michigan University

Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License.