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MLA Style Guide

Why Cite

Why Cite?

  • When you use someone else’s ideas in your scholarship, you need to give attribution to that other person.
  • You can use someone else’s ideas through
    • Paraphrasing: summarizing the ideas from someone else (without quote marks)
    • Direct quotes: copying word for word (with quote marks).
  • Attribution comes in two main ways
    • In-text citation: when attribution appears in your text, it is called an in-text citations
    • Reference list entry: when attribution appears as a complete citation in a corresponding list of all sources at the end of the paper, it is called the reference list
    • The relationship between in-text and reference list is called the “author-date” system.
  • We will review specific examples of how to incorporate quotes and paraphrasing and how to format the in-text citation and corresponding reference list entry.