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Search Strategies

Finding Ethnographies

"Ethnographies" are the texts, usually written by anthropologists, which describe cultures.  Visit

Strategies for Searching for Ethnohistory Resources

Instead of "primary documents" or "primary sources" these are more effective when combined with your topic:

  • sources
  • diaries
  • letters
  • oral history
  • personal narratives
  • speeches
For example: 
  • "cold war" 
    • using the quotation marks will pick up the entire phrase)
  • "oral history"
  • slave*      
    •  using the asterisk as a wild card will pick up all variations of the root word, e.g., slave, slaves, slavery, etc.
  • "personal narratives" OR diaries OR letters OR sources

While not every single item that comes up is guaranteed to be a primary document, at least some of them should be.

Locating Ethnographies

Most ethnographies are in the GN section of Waldo Library. 

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