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Tutorial: Using the Library Level 2 for Humanities and Social Sciences Courses

Welcome Instructors!

Library Instruction/Information Literacy Tutorials  

Welcome Instructors

This suite of videos and interactive tutorials is a replacement for library search typically done in person or synchronously online. The modules in this series cover the essential information literacy topics for 1000-2000 level courses in the humanities that have a research component. 

Topics covered

  • Developing a research topic
  • Understanding different types of sources
  • Finding and evaluating scholarly information
  • Using WMU Libraries
  • Research focus: Literary analysis for English, Spanish, World languages and literatures
  • Research focus: Comparative Religion, Gender and Women's Studies, and Philosophy
  • Research Focus: Communication 
  • Academic integrity and plagiarism
  • How to cite in APA 7th
  • How to cite in MLA 8th

Activities include

All modules have a combination of the following types of actives:

  • videos (between 3-5 minutes)
  • interactive tutorials (approximately 10-15 slides) 
  • graded quizzes (5 questions with results sent via email)

How long will this take? 

  • The entire series should take between 45 minutes to an hour.

Who this tutorial is for:

Students enrolled in 1000/2000 level courses, pre-reqs, WES courses in the humanities:

  • Communication
  • Gender and Women's Studies
  • English
  • Religion
  • Philosophy
  • Spanish
  • World languages and literatures

How to use this guide with your class

You can use all or some of the content. It is fully adaptable and ready for plug-and-play in an online learning environment.

Option 1

Use this guide and you can assign this entire module as an assignment. Students will get emails of their quizzes that could then be uploaded to an elearning dropbox. The entire guide url is stable: 

  • Pros: One assignment that can be completed in about an hour
  • Cons: There are 5 quiz certificates that need to be uploaded. 

Option 2

Use this guide and you can assign different sections over a period of time. URLS to each section are stable: 

  • Pros: Information is built over time, can assign as it relates to your course and assignments
  • Cons: multiple drop boxes will need to be created in elearning

Option 3

Add me to your elearning shell and I can create links to these modules or embed the content directly into elearning.