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Reputable v. Predatory Publishing

Find reputable journals

What element is the best way to evaluate a journal as reputable?
Where it is indexed: 1 votes (25%)
Editorial Board: 2 votes (50%)
information for authros is transparent: 1 votes (25%)
Do not have to pay for publishing: 0 votes (0%)
Regularly publishes issues: 0 votes (0%)
Uses an author's portal for submission: 0 votes (0%)
Define acceptance processss that takes months: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 4

Finding Reputable Publishing Opportunities 

What questions should you ask about a journal to assess it for its credibility?
  • Where is it published? 
  • Is it indexed in a major database? 
  • Is it regularly published? Does it come out  consistently? 
  • What are its editorial practices? Is it peer reviewed? Does it have an editorial board? Does it have a rigorous and transparent review process?

These sources will provide you with matches by subject and scope of the journal as well as provide you with information about how rigorous the  review process and publishing standards are for the journal.

Use these sources to find information on publishers.

From the WMU Libraries Databases A-Z list, you can access the following resources. 

Other Resources


Cabell's Directory of Periodicals

The first screen shot shows how to limit by discipline and categories by using the drop down menus under the Journalytics tools  








The second screen shot shows the information you can find for the journal Finance & Accounting under the about menu option. You can find information about the peer review process, how many external reviewers there are, and how long it takes to review or publish the article. 











The third screen shot shows information about the editorial board of a journal under the Contact menu option. 

Google Schol Journal Rank

​Google Scholar Top Journal Rank 

  • Top 100 Google Journals
  • By Discipline. For example, you can search by broad category with the drop down menu from the link above: You can further refine by subcategory

Google Scholar Top Journal search refine to Humanities and subcategory feminism and women's studies



The image shows the menu options for a specific journal, "Accounting & Finance"

  • "Basic Description" provides information about the scope and contact information of the journal. 
  • "Online Availability" provides information about indexes and databases services. 
  • "Reviews" provides information about the review process. 


JANE Journal Finder

After reviewing the content on this page, do you feel more confident about where to find reputable publishing opportunities?
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