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Reading Scholarly Articles Efficiently and Effectively

Structure and Order of a Scholarly Article

The Structure of a Scholarly Article From Start to Finish 

1. Title
  • This will tell you what the title of the article is. It might also include the journal title. 
2. Authors
  • There may be 1 to 20 ( or sometimes more!) authors listed. Order of authors often indicate importance. 
3. Abstract
  • This is a summary of the article. 
4. Keywords
  • list of descriptive words or phrases related to the content of the article
5. Body of text
  • Introduction 
    • is an overview of the research question, the study, and results. 
  • Literature Review
    • What we know
    • A systematic review of previous research done on the same topic, to show gaps in information and the need for a new study.
  • Methodology
    • describes the design of the research study, the theories used, the number of participants, the tools used to analyze the data, the types of tests used to analyze the data
  • Discussion
    • authors review the data from the study, this section may have a lot of graphs, charts, images, and text
  • Conclusion
    • reviews the findings and often includes mention of possible future studies. 
6. References
  • a list of all works the authors used to inform their work. 

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

anatomy of a scholarly article