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THEA 2700: Script Analysis for Production


Flip through some magazines to look for images.  You never know what you might find!

Current issues of magazines and journals are located on the Lower Level of Waldo Library, in the Recreational Browsing Area.

Location of Books in Waldo Library

Library Search


Many books with images will marked with the term "Pictorial Works."

  • Go to "Advanced Search" in Library Search.
  • Change the pull-down menu in the first search line to "in subject" and enter the phrase "Pictorial Works"
  • Enter your search topic (e.g. "rural") in the second search line (leave the pull-down menus alone)

You can limit your search to a particular "Classification" using the limiters on the left of your search results. Go to "Classification LCC" to limit to a specific call number range:

  • Most books on Visual Art, Design, and Architecture have a call number starting with N
  • Most Photography books have a call number starting with TR
  • Most books on Manufacuturing, Construction, and Handicrafts have a call number starting with T
  • Most books on History have a call number starting either D, E, or F.

Library Search