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String Resources

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Online Catalogs

Use Online Library Catalogs to find books, scores, and recordings.  Library catalogs will also locate subscriptions to journals and magazines, but not usually articles within journals and magazines.  Do not use catalogs to search for articles in journals.

Common String Classification Numbers

Look for string music under these classification numbers

(the first part of the library call number):

Violin alone M40-44
Viola alone M45-49
Violoncello alone M50-54
Double bass alone M55-58
Piano or other keyboard accompaniment:  
Violin with piano M217-223
Viola with piano M224-228
Violoncello with piano M229-236
Double bass with piano M237-238
Solo instruments with orchestra  
(higher number indicates accompaniment arranged for piano)  
Violin with orchestra M1012-1013
Viola with orchestra M1014-1015
Violoncello with orchestra M1016-1017
Double bass with orchestra M1018
Music for instruction  
(methods, technique books, etc.)  
Jazz instruction, including play-along books MT86
Music for instruction by instrument:  
Violin MT260-279.9
Viola MT280-298
Violoncello MT300-318
Double bass MT320-334