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HNRS 2500: Politics of Genocide

About this Guide

Welcome to the WMU Libraries' course guide for HNRS 2500: Studies in Comparative Genocide.   This guide includes resources to help you complete your research assignment.

For assistance in doing your research, please contact me or any other librarian.      Ask Us! is just a click away!

Searching for Books in Library Search

Use the Library's Catalog Advanced Search to find books on your topic in the WMU collection.

If you already know the title or author, use the pull-down arrow to select Title or Author.

When looking for books by topic, enter your keyword(s) into the search boxes.

SEARCH TIP:  If you are using a phrase in your search, be sure and put it in quotation marks, e.g., "mass killings"

SEARCH TIP:  Use an asterisk  *  to pick up variant endings of a word, e.g., exterminat* will pick up exterminate, extermination, exterminations, etc.

Selected Primary Sources Databases

Memorial to Irish Potato Famine

A memorial of the Irish Potato Famine, located in County Cork, Ireland

A memorial to the Irish Famine, titled the "Coolmountain Famine Soup Pot," located in Ballingeary, County Cork, Ireland. This large, cast iron pot was used to make soup for starving families during the Great Irish Famine, 1847-51.

Courtesy of Osioni, Wikimedia Commons, 2018.

Newspaper Databases