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Human Performance and Health Education

Resources in Print

Encyclopedias, Guides, Directories, and Biographical Sources -- Resources

Title: Dictionary of Education
Description: Ref LB 15 G6 (ERC)
This dictionary is considered to be the authoritative source for educational terminology. This dictionary provides concise definitions for over 33,000 terms relating to all aspects of education.

Title: Educational Research, Methodology & Measurement : An International Handbook
Description: LB 1028 .E3184 1997 (ERC)
This source, containing signed articles, provides "an overview of the methods of inquiry that are used in the investigation of problems which arise in the field of education."

Title: Encyclopedia of Education
Description: Ref LB 15 .E47 (ERC)
A comprehensive source, presenting over 1,000 signed articles, dealing with historical, philosophical and theoretical aspects of education. This is a ten volume set with the final volume offering an extended index and directory of contributors.

Title: Encyclopedia of Educational Research
Description: Ref LB 15 .E48 (ERC)
This encyclopedia, sponsored by the American Educational Research Association, presents scholarly interpretations of educational research. All articles are signed with references that often include ERIC documents.

Title: Encyclopedia of Higher Education
Description: Ref LB 15 .E49 (ERC)
This four volume set, international in scope, provides information on the systems of higher education for most nations worldwide.

Title: Explorations in Learning & Instruction: The Theory Into Practice Database
Description: TIP is a tool intended to make learning and instructional theory more accessible to educators. The database contains brief summaries of 50 major theoes of learning and instruction. These theories can also be accessed by learning domains and concepts.

Title: Handbook of Research On Teaching
Description: Ref LB 1028 .H315 1986 (ERC)
More like an encyclopedia than a handbook, this source provides lengthy, signed articles with references. The contents are organized in five parts: 1) theory and method of research on teaching; 2) research on teaching and teachers; 3) the social and institutional context of teaching; 4) adapting teaching to differences among learners; and 5) research on the teaching of subjects and grade levels.

Title: International Encyclopedia of Education
Description: Ref LB 15 .I569 1994 (ERC)
This ten volume set contains over 1,200 entries written by authors from 95 different countries. The educational systems of 160 nations are discussed.

Title: Philosophy of Education : An Encyclopedia
Description: Ref LB 17 .P485 1996 (ERC)
This single volume presents over 200 signed articles on various philosophical viewpoints dating back to ancient Greece.

Grants and Funding Resources

Title: Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (Federal Grants)
The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Programs (CFDA) is a government-wide compendium of all 1,479 Federal programs, projects, services, and activities that provide assistance or benefits to the American public. These programs provide grants, loans, loan guarantees, services, information, scholarships, training, insurance, etc., to millions of Americans every day.

Major Biographical Sources in Education

Title: Biographical Dictionary Of American Educators
Description: Ref LA 2311 .B54 (ERC)
This dictionary provides biographical entries on over 1600 American educators; coverage extends from colonial times to 1976.

Title: Biographical Dictionary Of Modern American Educators
Description: Ref LA 2311 .O55 1997 (ERC)
Continues the Biographical Dictionary of American Educators from 1978.

Title: Who's Who In American Education
Description: Ref LA 2311 .W47 (ERC)
Provides biographical sketches of high-ranking officers from major universities, university professors, and top education officials from government or related agencies.

Directories - Print and Electronic Resources

Title: American School Directory

Title: Michigan Education Directory
Description: Reference Desk Collection LB 2803 .M5 M5 (ERC)
Provides listings for Michigan colleges and universities, intermediate school districts, public school districts, charter schools, along with selected financial data, and information on educational organizations.

Title: Patterson's American Education
Description: Ref L 901 .P3 (ERC)
This source sets the standard for directory information on American secondary schools.