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Using Paperpile

This guide has basic information on using the Paperpile Google Chrome app to manage your PDFs and other bibliographic references, and to create bibliographies in Google Documents.

Where are my PDFs?

Once you have linked PDF to your Google Drive account, Paperpile will store your paper PDFs in a Paperpile folder called "All Papers" in your Google Drive. The PDFs will be stored in alphabetical folders. See below.

PDFs are stored in Google Drive


Adding a Reference from Paperpile

You can add references or PDFs from within Paperpile by clicking the "Add Papers" button in the upper-left hand corner. You can search online, upload PDFs, RIS or Bib files, import your entire library from Zotero or Mendeley, add references manually, or browse other databases.

Add references from within Paperpile

Adding a Reference From Google Scholar

When you have Paperpile active in your Chrome browser, the "Paperpile" button will appear on Google Scholar, Google and Google Patents beneath each reference. All you need to do is the click the "Paperpile" button to add that item to your library.

Paperpile add button in Google Scholar

Once you've clicked the button, it will change to let you know the paper (and any PDFs) have been added.

Paper successfully added

Adding References from Other Sites

Once you set up the Browser Integrations (see image below) in your Paperpile settings, the Paperpile button will appear on many scholarly websites.

Database options in paperpile

In the image above, checking the box next to IEEE Xplore allows your browser to give you the following:

Add to paperpile button in IEEE