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PHYS 3100: Intro to Modern Physics Lab

This guide is for students in PHYS 3100, who must look up background information on famous physics experiments.


This guide contains resources for finding books and articles on classic physics experiments, as well as online resources for looking up physical property data.

In class we will use a worksheet to guide our work. Please log in using your Bronco NetID.

Physics 3100 Reference Books in Waldo

The following books are in the reference section of Waldo Library on the first floor. The reference section is located near the print/copy stations. Go to the QC call number area to see these books. Note that some of these are available online as well - in these cases, there are links provided.

Physics books on reserve in Waldo        PHYS3100 book location on first floor waldo library

Please use them by the tables near the shelves so others in the course can find them.

Blackwood, O. H. (1955). An outline of atomic physics (3d ed.). Wiley.
QC 173 .O8 1955  

Blümel, R. (2010). Foundations of quantum mechanics: From photons to quantum computers. Jones and Bartlett Publishers.
Physical: QC 174.12 .B58 2010 

Blundell, S. (2001). Magnetism in condensed matter. Oxford.
Physical: QC 173.458 .M33 B58 2001 

Bowler, M. G. (1973). Nuclear physics ([1st ed.]). Pergamon Press.
QC776 .B68 1973  

Burcham, W. E. (1963). Nuclear physics: An introduction. McGraw-Hill.
QC777 .B78

Burcham, W. E. (1973). Nuclear physics: An introduction (2d ed.). Longman.
QC777 .B78 1973  

Kaplan, I. (1962). Nuclear physics (2d ed.). Addison-Wesley.
QC173 .K27 1962  

Kerwin, L. (1963). Atomic physics: An introduction. Holt, Rinehart and Winston.
QC173 .K36  

Lilley, J. S. (John S. ). (2001). Nuclear physics: Principles and applications. Chichester.
QC 776 .L45 2001  

Lorrain, P. (1979). Electromagnetism: Principles and applications. W. H. Freeman.
QC760 .L6  

Marder, M. P. (2000). Condensed matter physics. John Wiley.
QC173.454 .M37 2000  

Marder, M. P. (2010). Condensed matter physics (2nd ed.). Wiley.
QC173.454 .M37 2010

Melissinos, A. C. (Adrian C. (1966). Experiments in modern physics. Academic Press.
QC 33 .M52

Melissinos, A. C. (Adrian C. (2003). Experiments in modern physics (2nd ed.). Academic Press.
QC 33 .M52 2003  

Messiah, A. (1961). Quantum mechanics [Translated from the French by G.M. Temmer]. (G. M. Temmer, Trans.). North-Holland Pub. Co. 2 volumes.
QC174.1 .M413 v.1 and 2

Mukhin, K. N. (Konstantin N. (1970). Nuclear physics. Macdonald & Co.
QC777 .M813  

Patel, S. B. (2011). Nuclear physics: An introduction (2nd ed.). Anshan.
QC 776 .P29 2011

Powell, J. L. (John L. (1961). Quantum mechanics. Addison-Wesley Pub. Co.
QC 174.1 .P6

Sherwin, C. W. (1959). Introduction to quantum mechanics. Holt.

Sposito, G. (1970). An introduction to quantum physics. Wiley.

Willmott, J. C. (1975). Atomic physics. Wiley.
QC171.2 .W54

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