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PHYS 4660 Advanced Lab

This guide supports students working on research assignments for PHYS 4660

Research process

This guide is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of researching a flawed physics experiment for your paper assignment. These steps can also be adapted for any other research project you are assigned in college.

Step 1: Finding sources

  • How to find the original citation for your chosen experiment as well as other authors citing and critiquing that experiment
  • How to find other sources to help you explain the experiment and its misapplication of the scientific method
  • How to access full text of articles and books

Step 2: Evaluating sources

  • How to decide if a source is a good fit for your paper

Step 3: Citing sources

  • How to format your citations
  • Tech tools to help you with citations

Materials for library workshop


Create your own copy of this worksheet (available in Word or Google Docs) and fill it out as we go through the workshop.

At the end of the class, email or share this worksheet with Micky ( and save it in your own files to use later.