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History: American: Guides to the Field

Bibliographic Guides

These bibliographic guides recommend research and reference materials, and may also suggest ways of doing research in history.  Use these guides to find seminal books and scholarly articles on your topic.

A Key Bibliography

Guide for History Majors

Helpful Guides

American History Highway: A Guide to Internet Resources on U.S., Canadian, and Latin American History
E 16.5 .A46 2007
This is a handy guidebook for students, teachers, and researchers seeking to identify reliable, quality resources on the Internet. Complete with a CD-ROM with live links, this book provides easy-to-use information about more than 1,700 history Web sites.

Companion to Historiography
D 13 .C626 2002 (Ref)
This detailed reference book offers a general guide to the study of the way history has been written, presenting 45 substantial essays that examine the techniques, approaches, and biases that have influenced historians to the present.

Handbook for Research in American History: A Guide to Bibliographies and Other Reference Works
Z 1236 .P78 1994
This guide deals principally with categories of materials from library catalogs, through manuscript, newspaper, and other guides, to legal sources and oral history. It is a bibliography of bibliographies intended to direct the researcher to useful books, articles, and other sources.

Harvard Guide to African-American History
E 185 .H326 2001
Drawing upon the research of key experts in the field, this book provides carefully selected lists of the most important publications across the whole spectrum of black history in the United States. The volume is arranged chronologically, and then divided by topic. Includes a CD-ROM.

Harvard Guide to American History
Z 1236 .F77 1974
Citing publications through 1970, this 2-volume set still remains the basic reference bibliography for American history, including citations to both books and journal articles.

Historical Journals: A Handbook for Writers and Reviewers
Z 6205 .S73 1993
The annotations of the nearly 700 journals in this book will help prospective authors to publish their work in historical publications, and assists editors by promoting the submission of manuscripts that are consistent with the needs and standards of their journals.

History Highway 3.0: A 21st Century Guide to Internet Resources.
D 16.117 .H57 2006
This book directs researchers to thousands of Internet sites dealing with all aspects of history. Sites are of high quality, and include brief annotations, collections of historical documents, research library catalogs, paintings, and much more.  Includes a CD-ROM.

History Journals and Serials: An Analytical Guide
Z 6956.G6 F94 1986
This book aims to help the historian select journals for personal reading and manuscript submission. The journals are arranged by broad topic areas, and each entry includes a descriptive and evaluative annotation of the publication.

Pocket Guide to Writing in History
D 13 .R295 2015 (Ref)
This concise book is a wonderful resource for students writing history research papers. The author addresses many topics including identifying and using primary and secondary sources, how to organize and construct the paper, how to quote and document sources, and tips to avoid plagiarism.  There are older editions of this in the general stacks.

Reference Sources in History: An Introductory Guide
Z 6201 .F72 2004
This volume is designed to provide an introduction to the major reference works for all periods of history and for all geographical areas, although English works are emphasized. The arrangement is by type of reference work, and the paragraph-long annotations are very useful.

Sources of Information for Historical Research
Z 6201 .S64 1994
The purpose of this book is to provide assistance to students, librarians, and researchers in the retrieval of historical information. The material included covers all continents and all time periods, including sources on the history of civilization, holdings of archives, chronologies, and related sources on heraldry, genealogy, and biography. The book is arranged by geographic and subject areas.


United States History: A Selective Guide to Information Sources
Z 1236 .B57 1994
This guide contains a selective but thorough coverage of both bibliographic and informational materials, with a social sciences perspective that emphasizes social history in its treatment of multicultural and gender influences. Arrangement is by broad subject areas, and each entry has useful annotations.

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