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As an interdisciplinary field, Art Education draws upon both art resources and education resources.  For many questions in this field, you may wish to contact Michele Behr or Brad Dennis in the Swain Education Library as well as Mike Duffy, Fine Arts Librarian. 

  • Professor Michele Behr, E-mail:, Phone: 269-387-5611
  • Professor Brad Dennis, E-mail:, Phone: 269-387-1581
  • Professor Mike Duffy, E-mail:, Phone: 269-387-5236

Handbooks and art activities resources

Meet Your Librarian

Michael Duffy's picture
Michael Duffy
Michael Duffy
Associate Professor
Fine Arts Librarian
3014 Dalton Center
Pronouns: he/him/his

All consultations must be done remotely for the Summer I Semester. Please schedule an appointment. You may contact me via my WebEx room or via phone call.
(269) 387-5236